UV Mixxer Released

Our new Unity asset – UV Mixxer is available on the Asset Store! Its purpose is to reduce texture tiling effect and provide much better and smooth terrain textures, especially at large areas where texture tiling is very visible and breaks immersion. It is realized by blending base texture with its larger variant (with modified UV values) and adding noise to the result. This leads to a great looking, realistic terrain without repeating textures – it’s a great tool for both procedural or predefined terrains. More details HERE

Infinite terrain generation in Unity 3D – Part 1

With the constant improvement of hardware performance game terrains got much larger and more detailed – featuring detailed shape, a lot of grass and other objects (trees, water etc.). During the last years size of terrains grew up to hundreds square miles – especially in RPG games. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to generate a 3D terrain that could take a long, long hours to wander. We’ll be using Unity3D engine and C# language for writing code. Some basic programming knowledge would be required – although entire source code is free to download (see below), in this article I’ll explain only most important parts and code examples. Let’s …